Zyasdyn is the mortal enemy of the wood Dragon Ardbelgha and the two can barely stand to be in the same place together. many of the cautionary tales the saurians tell are about the efforts these two go to in order to embaress or harm one another.

Aspect: Metal, death, the underworld, statis.

Powers: Armour, Blast (shrapnel), blind, boost/lower trait, deflection (animated sword), dispel, Elemental manipulation (Metal as earth), Environmental protection, Fear, mirror self, Obscure, Puppet, Sentinel (Iron), sluggish reflexes, Smite, Stun, warriors gift , Zombie.


Sins: (Minor)Heal others, allow any change in yourself without a great deal of resistance; (Major) Give aid to a priest of Ardbelgha, (Mortal)


Savage Earth: Cold Moon Sodium_Noir