Woechit is the Ocean maiden, the fount of all rivers whose tears are the rain. Her anger is great, her sorrow unbearable and her passions immense, though she rarely shows those emotions to others. She is the beloved of Cheroding and whenever one burrows into the earth, they find her!

Woechit is a sea serpent with a long pale body with a finlike crest running all the way down her back. Her limbs are short and end in flippers and her tail is that of a shark. When she takes Hominid form it is the shape of a naked human with wet hair and glistening eyes.

Aspect: Water, Life, Femininity

Powers: barrier, Beast Friend (aquatic beasts), blast (water), deflection (rain), dispel, disguise, draining touch (dehydration), Elemental manipulation (Water), Environmental protection, Greater Healing, Havoc, mirror self, pummel, Quickness, sentinel (ice).

Duties: to protect the sailors and the river folk, to keep the waterways clean and to eat no fish on Fridays.

Sins: Eating a fish on a Friday, walking through a river in dirty shoes (Minor). Fishing with nets, throwing waste into the waterways (Major). The use of contraception or the serious fouling of waterways (Mortal).


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