Sesest is the celestial Dragon of the air, unseen but knowable. She is the messenger of the Dragon kings and never grows tired no matter how far she travels. Those who grow silent and listen to the wind will find wisdom in its voice. Sesest is flighty and likes to play tricks, but she never lies. Most important to Sesest are those who pursue knowledge and enlightenment..

She dwells in the Heavens where her slender ethereal body is often mistaken as a wisp of cloud. Every living thing has breathed her in and exhaled her essence and she knows all. When Sesest takes on an earthly form it is as an apsara or a cloud maiden, buxom and athletic with powder blue make-up and a husky whisper.

Aspect: Air, Wisdom, communication

Powers: Beast Friend (flying beasts), burst (wind), deflection (micro tornado), detect arcane, draining touch (suck breath), Elemental manipulation (air), Environmental protection, Fly, havoc, healing (mouth to mouth), intangibility, Invisibility, Light, Puppet, Quickness, speed, Telekinesis.

Duties: Priests of Sesest must protect and pursue wisdom whenever they can, and aid others who wish to do the same. They must also spent the majority of their time in the open air.

Sins: Shutting oneself away indoors and away from the sky (Minor). Telling lies or spreading falsehoods (Major). The destruction of wisdom (books, scrolls, libraries) or doing harm to those who teach or preserve knowledge (Mortal).


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