Savage Earth: RELIGIONS

The two main religions of the saurian Empires are the worship of the Dragon kings and the worship of the Gods. The gods are worshipped almost exclusively in the perfumed empire while the Dragon kings hold sway in the Western Empire and the Dragon kingdoms. The eastern empire tolerates all forms of worship and no individual pantheon has the upper hand.

The Dragon kings

The Dragon King pantheon consists of eight Gods, one for each of the elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Wood, Akasha (spirit), Darkness, Metal and Water. The first four Gods are benevolent while the last four are either malign or indifferent.

  • Dragon Kings
    • Cheroding – Earth – Life giving and male
    • Woechit – Water – life giving and female
    • Sesest – Air – unseen but knowable
    • Ilddraoth – Akasha – Unseen and unknowable
    • Iskirranya – Fire – open and revealing
    • Zhebaugh -Darkness – concealing, frightening,
    • Ardbelgha – Wood – alive and energetic, growth
    • Zyasdyn – Metal – dead and unyielding, statis

    Dragon Kingdosm Worship

    The Lung believe that the dragons were not gods or spirits, but actual creatures from which they are descended. The Lung refer to themselves as the Children of the Dragon kings. Although they worship the dragons, their mythology contains many stories in which the dragons appear as heroes and villains much like the Tuatha de Danu of Eire.

    Old Empire Worship

    The Dragon kings in the old kingdom are less generous and far more bloodthirsty than in the common dogma. They still demand blood sacrifice and call for wars and conflict to appease their appetites. Iskirranya the sacred flame consumes the blood and hearts of many victims in his grand Mexican temple and further North his cult of burning sentient creatures alive is almost without equal.

    To many traditionalists, the Western Empires faith, the old faith, is the original way the Dragon Kings intended the saurians to worship them and to turn away from those practices is blasphemy. Priests of the old faith often clash with those of the new faith on matters of doctrine and there are temples to accommodate both versions in most large settlements of the Eastern kingdom.

    The Gods of Pagaea

    Nagah / Deva worship – basic standard fantasy pantheon

    The Nagah believe in the Heavenly River (the Milky way) and the Gods who live within it. The Gods are ruled by Isildon who lights the Sun each morning and reads the prophecies of Destiny in its ashes each evening. His mate, Nahathbel is the Goddess of Knowledge who gave the peoples evolution that they may continue to fulfil their destiny. They are both the children of the Earth mother Aosa who watches over the laws of nature and the sciences and sister to Aecha the moon Goddess who favours thieves and troublemakers. Isildon and Nahathbel have three sons; the sea God Iburo who rules over the birth of all things, Issn who makes alliances and heals all wounds and Neimild who gave the People justice and civilization. Isildon was tricked by his sister Aecha and sired a daughter on her in the belief he was mating with Nahathbel. This daughter is the Goddess of war and advancement Veardech.

    For Isildon’s template see the God of the Sun (23), for Nahathbel see the God of Knowledge (22), for Aosa see the Goddess of Nature (22), for Iburo see the God of the Sea (22), for Issn see the Goddess of Healing (21), for Neimild see the God of Justice (21), for Aecha see the God of Thieves (23) and for Veardech see the God of War (23).


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