Savage Earth has a selection of new or tweaked races. Some are recognisable fantasy races with a different name while others are unique (more or less) to the savage earth.


The Mamals of Africa evolved several hominid or proto human species but on the Savage earth more than one of these species still survive. Most humans evolved from the Cro-Magnon who are still present along with their descendenats.

Homo sapiens are by far the dominant human species, but they are not the only Hominids on Earth. Several of the diversions from the main gene have survived as have some remnants of the species modern hominids evolved from. There is no such thing as a Hybrid Hominid because the species are too close, a Hominid with mixed parents will simply use the human template. Both Homo sapiens and Neanderthal evolved from the Cro-Magnon Humans.

Other Mammals

It was not just the humans who evolved hominid stance on the savage earth, a race descended from the feliens also did so. In addition tot hose Rakashan are the sub humans, humans altered by outside meddling.


The Saurians (humanoid reptiles) are the dominant family on the Savage earth, outnumbering the Hominidae by three to one. They began to evolve on the South American continent after the Asteroid Impact 65 Million years ago but it is commonly assumed that they would have evolved even had that event never have occurred. Hominid reptiles seem to have been destined to arise with or without the mammalian species, proving that given enough time almost any dominant class of animals will evolve a form of hominid.



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