Neanderthal males stand about 165–168 cm (65–66 in), Females stand about 152–156 cm (60–61 in) and are heavily built with robust bone structure. Neanderthal anatomy is more robust and cold adapted than Humans with shorter thicker legs, a barrel chest and sloped shoulders. They are much stronger than Humans, having particularly strong arms and hands. They are almost exclusively carnivorous apex predators. They make advanced tools, have a language and live in complex social groups. They have red to brown hair and pale skin.

In response to the Ice ages and the colder climate of Northern Europe where few saurians bother to dwell, humans evolved into the Neanderthal. Hardy and stout humans with a culture of their own, the Neanderthal developed into tribal kingdoms that spread from Great Britain to Siberia.

At the end of the last Ice age homo sapiens began to push North again, in part pushed in that direction by the saurians own re-establishment of their Northern territories. These invading Humans led the Neanderthal to retreat from the surface world and their most successful settlements are situated beneath the earth. Though far from subterranean as a culture, the majority of their larger settlements, cities and sacred sites ate deep within natural caves which they have extended through tool use.

The Neanderthal culture is largely unexplored by others except for the Asura and some well travelled Pygmies, those who travel to other lands only talk about their cities with a sense of loss. Their subterranean cities have been continuously inhabited for thousands of years and while beautiful and vast, remain somewhat behind in their technology compared to both human and saurian settlements. Neanderthal can and do adapt to modern technologies but many new things come as quit a shock to begin with and they are mistakenly considered to be simple bumpkins.

  • Low Light Vision: Neanderthal eyes are accustomed to the dark of the underearth. They ignore attack penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.
  • Slow: Neanderthal have a Pace of 5”.
  • Tough: Neanderthal are stout and tough. They start with a d6 Vigour instead of a d4. They are also far less susceptible to cold weather.
  • Outsider: Neanderthal have no major settlements above ground and are rarely found in the major cities, as such they suffer a -2 Charisma modifier among non Neanderthal.
  • Nose for the hunt: All tracking or notice rolls involving scent grant a +2 modifier.

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