Nahathbel is the Goddess of Knowledge. As the wife of Isildon, God of the sun, she it is who governs evolution the power that allows destiny to to be fulfilled. She has an eternal fued with her sister Aecha which explains some of her mistakes, as does her enduring love for her Children; Iburo, Issn and Neimild.

as a Deity of information, wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge Nahathbel is typically worshipped only by select few scribes or historians, though they tend to be fanatical in their devotion to her. Such individuals sometimes stop at nothing to gather information and will often give thier lives to keep it from the hands of Aecha’s priesthood.

Aspects: Knowledge, Evolution, revealing secrets.

Powers: Armor, beast friend, bolt, boost/lower trait, deflection, detect/conceal arcana, dispel, elemental manipulation, entangle, environmental protection, fly, healing, light, obscure, puppet, shape change, speak language, stun, telekinesis, teleport.

Duties: Preserve knowledge, find lost knowledge, spread knowledge and learning.

Sins: (Minor) allowing knowledge to be destroyed or concealed, allowing knowledge to be twisted, refusing to teach someone, not correcting an inaccuracy of importance; (Major) willfully concealing important knowledge, interfering in the natural evolution of a species or society, refusing to teach an illiterate person to read and write; (Mortal) willfully destroying important knowledge.

Nahathbel’s template is based on the the God of Knowledge from the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion (pp22)


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