The Lung evolved across Asia but their centre of power is deep within the Cambodian jungle, from where all outpost cities are controlled. They have enslaved much of the local mammals such as Humans and Asura although for the most part they treat such servants well enough.

The cold Nights of the Mongolian deserts have prevented the Lung from penetrating North and it is from the steppes that the human cultures of Asia draw strength. The Gobi desert is traditionally the no-mans-land between the Lung Empire and the Human domain. The Himalaya prevent expansion south and the Taklimakan desert is the extreme westernmost border of the empire.

The Lung believe themselves to be the descendents of Dragons and strongly deny the wider saurian belief that they descended from Dinosaurs. They are arrogant and Imperialistic, with little interest in society beyond their vast empire.

Lung encountered outside of Asia are either traders, explorers or more likely, outcast and outlaws. As such the Hindrance outsider is quite appropriate, as is Wanted and poverty.

  • Wings: The Lung may fly at base pace rate, or exert themselves to move at run speed. Lung struggle to take off from the ground and usually prefer to climb up and launch themselves.
  • Natural Weapons: The tails, claws, and teeth of saurians allow them to tail slap, claw, or bite in combat for Str+d4 damage.
  • Saurian Senses: Saurians’ lizard tongues can “taste” the air, giving them +2 to Notice rolls. They are always considered active guards for Stealth checks.
  • Warm Natured: Though not truly coldblooded, saurians are not comfortable in cold environments. They suffer a –4 penalty to resist cold environmental effects.

Lung Characters


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