Issn is the Healer who makes alliances and heals all wounds, a soft spoken god who has often fallen out with his family. The poor have been known to take his name and to look to him as an example of strength in adversity. His festivals have often be the scene for peace accords and the signing of treaties and powerful familes almost always hold their weddings on his holy days.

Priests of Issn are typically altruistic and erudite and often offer their services as emissaruies and peacemakers. Many are called upon to defend the poor or downtrodden in courts of justice. They are all expected to be pacifists as well. In fact his followers are not permitted to take up arms except to protect themselves. This non violent lifestyle is limited however to the living and the Priests of Issn are not only allowed to battle the undead and the Demonic, they are charged with doing so at any oportunity.

Aspect: Healing, mercy, peace.

Powers: Armor, barrier, beast friend, bolt (nonlethal damage only), boost/lower trait, deflection, detect/conceal arcana, dispel, elemental manipulation, entangle, environmental protection, greater healing, healing, light, speak language, stun.

Duties: To help those in need (not including obviously evil creatures like undead or demons), to promote peace. to answer the call of needy.

Sins: (Minor) inflicting a wound on a creature when other options are available, refusing to heal a good person in need, promoting violence through word, deed, or inaction; (Major) taking the life of a living creature, causing sickness or disease, refusing to aid other in seeking peace or release from injustice; (Mortal) willfully taking the life of a defenseless living creature, helping other make war or acting in unison with warmongerers.

Issn’s template is based on the the Goddess of Healing from the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion (pp21).


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