Isildon is the ruler of the Gods, he lights the Sun each morning and reads the prophecies of Destiny in its ashes each evening. His is the husband to Nahathbel, Goddess of Knowledge who gave the peoples evolution that they may continue to fulfil their destiny.

Because he has mastered all forms of divination, Isildon knows all and is closer to omnipotenec than any other diety on the Savage earth. As the Sun god, Isildon has become the only God in some smaller cults and faiths but traditional worshippers work hard to route these monotheists out. He represents not only life itself, but protection from enemies thought to come from darkness.

Aspects: Sun, light, Destiny.

Powers: Armor, barrier, blast, bolt, boost/lower trait, burrow, burst, deflection, detect/conceal arcana, dispel, Divination, elemental manipulation, entangle, environmental protection, fly, healing, light, quickness, shape change, smite, speak language, speed, stun, telekinesis.

Duties: To promote the cause of good, to bring light into the world, To read prophecy and advize those who seek it, to oppose the forces of darkness.

Sins: (Minor) not welcoming the sun each morning, performing an evil act; (Major) permanently blinding a foe, refusing to follow what destiny has reevaled; (Mortal) willfully aiding the forces of darkness.

Isildon’s template is based on the the God of the Sun from the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion (pp23)


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