Favourite of the the Nagah and the Mokole, Iburo is the master of all waterways from the rivers and Oceans of Earth to the milky way. He is the sea god who rules over the birth of all things, and is there at the start of all journeys. The saurian Race holds the sea in awe as the place where life began and so many mysteries still dwell.

Iburo is unpredictable and full of terrible possibility, depicted as handing out a basket of food with one hand while the other poised above his head with a hammer ready to strike. His moods are like the oceans, as are the expectations he has for his followers. Iburo is, of course, very popular among sailors and citizens in coastal towns, and often the only God of the River traders.

Aspects: Sea & waters, birth, begginings.

Powers: Armor, barrier, beast friend (sea creatures only), bolt, boost/lower trait, burst (water), deflection, detect/conceal arcana, dispel, elemental manipulation (water only), entangle, environmental protection (water only), healing, light, obscure, shape change (sea creatures only), smite, speak language, speed, stun, telekinesis, teleport.

Duties: Protect and aid sailors and River folk. Eat no sea creatures and watch over them when possible. Give unconditional aid to those in labour, act as a midfife to your community and take in orphans when you can.

Sins: (Minor) preventing an other from beggining something new, entering a desert, allowing a dolphin or other “harbinger” sea creature to be harmed, polluting a river or stream or any waterway; (Major) killing a dolphin or other revered species, not aiding mothers and infants in need; (Mortal) burying someone in the earth.

Iburo’s template is based on the the God of the Sea from the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion (pp22)


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