In Savage Earth, when we use the word Human with a capitol we are talking about Homo Sapiens. Cro-magnon, Neanderthals and Pygmies are all humans but they are not, for the sake of this game, Humans.

Humans (Homo sapiens) are by far the dominant human species, but they are not the only Hominids on Earth. Several of the diversions from the main gene have survived as have some remnants of the species modern hominids evolved from. There is no such thing as a Hybrid Hominid because the species are too close, a Hominid with mixed parents will simply use the Human template. Both Humans and Neanderthal evolved from the Cro-Magnon humans and Pygmies further evolved from Humans.

Standard Humans use the standard system for character creation and begin with one free Edge rather than applying a template. The other forms of Hominid Mammals use their own templates.

Human Characters.


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