Cheroding is the Earth dragon, the image of mountains that thrust forcefully into the sky. He is dependable and reliable, though slow to act or react. Upon his strong back the entire world stands, supported by his strong shoulders. Cheroding dwells on the sacred islands surrounded by his love the Oceans.

When he leaves his islands Cheroding appears to be a winged four legged drake with moss and grass growing on his head and flinty scales. His feet are massive and shovel shaped and his eyes the colour of wet rocks. When he goes in disguise it is as an Anklor with farmers clothes and a hoe.

Aspect: Earth, Life, Masculinity

Powers: Armour, Beast Friend (burrowing beasts), blast (rocks), burrow, conceal arcane, concentrate, Elemental manipulation (earth), Environmental protection, Healing, Light (will-o-the-wisp), pummel, Smite (Crystal), slumber, succour, bodyguard, wall walking, warriors gift.

Duties: Priests of Cheroding are expected to work towards stabilizing the community and serving society. They often become teachers and advisors and seek to encourage people to work as a community.

Sins: Spitting on the earth or striking it in anger (Minor). Denying a man (including oneself) their masculinity (Major). Taking life in indiscriminate ways – such as burning down a copse of trees or poisoning a well (Mortal).


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