Aosa, the First Mother, is the Goddess of Life who watches over the laws of nature and the sciences. She has existed since life first began and she is mother of Isildon, Nahathbel and Aecha, thus the grandmother of all the other Gods. She is often simply referred to as the Mother or the earth mother by her worshippers and all life is considered to extend from her.

Her cult is strongest in the countryside far away from urban areas but almost all who worship the Gods also reserve a place in their hearts for Aosa. Her followers, often called Druids, work in the feilds alongside farmers, or in the jungles with the Deva.

Despite her benevolent side, Aosa can be a dangerous and terrible Goddess as well. Nature is red in tooth and claw and Aosa has a face for each of its striking dualities. Aosa creates and sustains life, but she can transform into the cruel and merciless Annith.

Aspects: Nature, Science, Fertility.

Powers: Armor, barrier, beast friend, bolt, boost/lower trait, burrow, deflection, detect/conceal arcana, dispel, elemental manipulation, entangle, environmental protection, fly, healing, light, obscure, quickness, shape change, smite (hands turn into animal claws), speak language, speed, stun, telekinesis, teleport.

Duties: Preserve nature, protect animals. Work to maintain and understand the natural order.

Sins: (Minor) Killing an animal without using all of its body as best you can, allowing acts of cruelty against defenseless animals, mistreating an animal, aiding with contraception; (Major) hunting for sport or cruelty, obscuring the truth about the naturalorder, torturing wild animals; (Mortal) willfully burning a forest or other natural area.

Aosa’s template is based on the the God of Nature from the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion (pp22)


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