Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoths are large elephants with long, curling tusks and thick, woolly coats. They are found only in cold climates. Once numerous throughout the world they are now limited to The northern limits of the mostly human nations.

As well as a highly useful source of food and resources for primative cultures Woolly mammoth can be trained and employed in much the same way as the indian Elephant. They are intelligent and social, and will work for hominids whether whipped or rewarded to do so. The construction of Karakorum and several other large human cities relied upon mammoth labour.

Outside of their breeding cycles (male mammoths in musk are incredibly dangerous) thay are placid and social creatures who respond well to kind treatment and form bonds with human and sub human handlers. In the wild large herds of mamoth are more dangerous because of their size but an enraged wooly mamoth can kill large numbers of antagonists before it is brought down.

For this reason, both the astounding damage and the fear they inflict on closed armed groups, wooly mammoth make excellent war beasts. Fitted with palisades and small platforms Mammoth appear in several armies.

Historically Mammoths of all species teetered on the edge of extinction around five thousand years ago due to hunting and climate change, but Saurian conservationists aquired breeding stocks from Mongolian Cro-magnon herders and managed to turn the tide. they are now quite popuklar in thier native and newly introduced locations and only a few cultures require controls on thier hunting to sustain their numbers.

Related to the Wooly mammoth is the plain mammoth, slightly smaller and common in North America and Asia (although breeding groups have been transported to Africa) and less evolved for colder climates.


Woolly Mammoth

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