Twice as tall as the largest Human, the Tyrantus, normally referred to as Tyrants, are clearly descendents of the great and terrible therapods such as the Albertosaurus, Gorgosaurus and Tyrannosaurus. Reliant on brute force and a formidable array of natural weaponry, Tyrants first appeared in the Deserts of the Americas but spread over time to the other continents where they made war on most of the other breeds.

The Tyrantus lacked the ability of compromise and unity that their rivals mastered and were soundly defeated by an alliance of other saurians. Their race was decimated by the war and are now far fewer in number.

Peace was eventually reached, although the Tyrants needed the most convincing, and most of them retreated back into the deserts. Peace brought a new concept to the Tyrantus and they began to develop a tribal culture. The opportunity to safeguard their offspring and hunt the great herds slowly convinced the brutes that peace was worth preserving, at least in theory.

These creatures are intelligent but warlike and aggressive by nature. They are quick to anger and keen to prove their might whenever the opportunity arises. From time to time the Tyrants send raiding forces into mammal or saurian domains, lay waste to whatever they find and then retreat again. With no central monarchy or leadership it is difficult to put a stop to these random eruptions of violence and so instead all races share tactics and intelligence on the Desert tribes in readiness for the next raid.

Individual Tyrants often leave their tribal homelands to make their fortunes and they can be found almost anywhere. Although not numerous in cities, those who do settle in urban areas can find a great many outlets for their ferocity and abilities. A Tyrant bodyguard or enforcer is a sign of power in the underworld, and they make formidable pit fighters or dragonslayers.

  • Natural Weapons: The tails, claws and teeth of Tyrants allow them to tail slap, bite or slash in combat for Str+d6 damage.
  • Brawny: Tyrants are very large and their bulk resists damage well, adding +1 to their toughness. Their vigor and Strength both begin at d6 rather than d4.
  • Saurian Senses: Saurians’ lizard tongues can “taste” the air, giving them +2 to Notice rolls. They are always considered active guards for Stealth checks.
  • Feared: the Tyrants are unstable and prone to violence. They rarely take prisoners and feel little compunction about punishing captured foes. This causes a –4 Charisma penalty among more “civilized” types. Some settlements will not allow Tyrants to enter and others insist that they be shackled with magic or mundane means.
  • • Warm Natured: Though not truly coldblooded, saurians are not comfortable in cold environments. They suffer a –4 penalty to resist cold environmental effects.
  • Oversized: Tyrants are not technically minded or inventive and make no tools or devices for themselves. However they are too large to use most other saurian devices to their full extent and suffer -2 on any roll involving the use of complicated or mechanical objects. Obtaining new equipment, clothes of armour is far more difficult for a tyrant and usually occurs a greater cost.

Tyrantus Characters

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