Smaller than Humans in height, Tezlochus are common on every continent but first developed in central America. Slender and light boned Tezlochus have good senses and large brains. Several breeds have fronds, feathers or hair like growth on their head, an evolution of the scales of their antecedents.

Descended from smaller raptors and with almost as many variations, they rely on their natural weaponry and their cunning to make their way in Saurian culture, filling many roles from gangsters to ranger. Primitive Tezlochus culture was concentrated on cliff tops or in the canopies of large trees and those dinosaurs which didn’t evolve into Tezlochus are believed to have been the ancestors of birds.

While Tezlochus culture itself is bloodthirsty and primitive, they are adaptable and quickly fit into the more advanced aspects of saurian society. Tezlochus tend to naturally form small co-dependent groups and when they cannot do so with others of their species they will look for any pack to belong to.

Their violent natures and pack mentality has led to the more commonly used name for such creatures, the Rippers. Ripper gangs plague cities and wilderness alike and the uninitiated would be forgiven for believing that all Tezlochus are criminals and bandits. However unusual it may be however, Tezlochus can and do follow other careers and make excellent spies and scouts, hunters and even pit fighters.

  • Agile: Some Saurians have the dextrous grace of their ancestors. They start with a d8 Agility attribute instead of a d4.
  • Whirlwind: This incredible manoeuvre is leftover from the Tezlochus raptor ancestors. When used, the Tezlochus can employ both his feet talons and the claws on his hand while he spins and dances about, attacking every opponent in his path like a deadly cyclone. Each additional target within range is attacked at -4 up to a maximum of four.
  • Natural Weapons: The tails, claws, and teeth of saurians allow them to tail slap, claw, or bite in combat for Str+d4 damage.
  • Saurian Senses: Saurians’ lizard tongues can “taste” the air, giving them +2 to Notice rolls. They are always considered active guards for Stealth checks.
  • Warm Natured: Though not truly coldblooded, saurians are not comfortable in cold environments. They suffer a –4 penalty to resist cold environmental effects.
  • All Thumbs: Some saurians have an inbred dislike of mechanical objects, and thus have the All Thumbs Hindrance. They shun most mechanical items and designs.

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