Sungari is the common name for the Paraceratherium, also commonly known as Indricotherium or Baluchitherium, a gigantic hornless rhinoceros-like mammals of the family Hyracodontidae. They are the largest land mammal known, even larger than the largest species of mammoths.

Adult Paraceratherium are 5.5 metres (18 ft) tall at the shoulder, 12 metres (39 ft) in length with the tail, a maximum raised head height of about 8 metres (26 ft), and a skull length of 1.5 metres (4.9 ft). Theiry weight varies greatly, but most realistic and reliable weight estimates are about 20 (metric) tons.

It is a herbivore that strips leaves from trees with its down-pointing, tusk-like upper teeth that occlud forward-pointing lower teeth. It has a long, low, hornless skull and vaulted frontal and nasal bones. Its front teeth are reduced to a single pair of incisors in either jaw, but they are conical and so large that they look like small tusks. The upper incisors point straight downwards, while the lower ones jut outwards. The upper lip are evidently extremely mobile. The neck is very long, the trunk robust, and the limbs long and thick, column-like.

They are commonly employed by rural peopels for thier greta size and strenth and tamed to pull large carts or to help move earth. Some saurians herd them for food and for thier bones which are a great resource in non industrious communities.


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