Rakashans have the form of humans with the features of felines. They come in a wide variety: the bright colours of tigers, the speckled hides of leopards, and the exotic look of Siamese cats are all appropriate. They have sharp claws and teeth and a cruel nature when it comes to dealing with their prey.

Ruins and fossil evidence suggest that the Rakashan were once much more common and that their species maintained an empire in Eastern India that is now much diminished. The Felines themselves claim that the saurians are responsible, possibly placing the blame on the Dragon kingdoms, but the Nagah have forgotten any war.

What remains is a society of regret and opulence with noble Rakashan leading extended prides and packs as best they can while dreaming of revenge on the lizard folk. Rakashans can be found in their own remote and exotic cities or as fringe elements of normal society. India, Africa and the Americas can all boast significant Rakashan cities but the largest of them is on the island of Sri Lanka. The Balam of South America, a sub-breed of Rakashan rarely seen, seem not to share the hatred for the saurians – or it is lost amid their complete hatred for all other races.

When and where the Rakashan first evolved is hotly debated and as they have little or no records of their past and they have not contributed to any saurian research on the matter. Much as they like to be the centre of others attention, they still prefer to keep their secrets unexplored. Saurian scientists, at least those who operate openly and who share their findings, have yet to gather enough data to study the issue and given the hatred the Rakashan feel for the Saurians it is unlikely that will change anytime soon.

The cat folk are much less likely to be found in the major cities of the saurian empire, and those who do dwell among their ancient enemy often do so within the foreign quarters and ghettos. While they are too beautiful to be shunned, they are too foreign to be easily accepted and any Rakashan in the developed world will stand out.

  • Agile: Rakashans have the feline grace of their ancestors. They start with a d6 Agility attribute instead of a d4.
  • Bloodthirsty: Rakashans can be cruel to their foes, often toying with them for simple amusement. They rarely take prisoners and feel little compunction about punishing captured foes. This causes a –4 Charisma penalty among more “civilized” types.
  • Racial Enemy: History hints at a major war between Rakashans and the Saurians, nearly destroying Rakashan culture. While the Saurian empire has all but forgotten this event the Rakashan have not and suffer a –4 Charisma when dealing with Reptiles.
  • Claws: Rakashans have retractable claws that do Str+d6 damage and grant +2 to Climb rolls on all but completely sheer surfaces.
  • Low Light Vision: Rakashan eyes amplify light. They can see in the dark and ignore attack penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.

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