Pygmii (Homo floresiensis) are short humanoids or Half Folk living a few islands in the Philippines and some of the more remote coastal areas of South America. They have settled within many of the larger cities and even built a few settlements in Africa but all of these remain ex pats in the eyes of the Pygmii elders.

Pygmii are small, nimble humans with fuzzy brown or black hair and dark eyes. Having evolved to live safely on islands inhabited by Lung and other dangerous reptiles the Pygmies survive by dint of their agility and wits. Such a lifestyle has led to their evolving a stoic and pragmatic outlook on life and it is commonly said that you can never shock a Pygmii.

Those who travel outside of their diminutive communities find the world of the large folk full of opportunity once they have overcome their initial fears. Most cities include a Pygmii quarter where clothing, armour, tools and weapons of the appropriate size are easy to find. In fact many find a career in service to their own kind as there are Pygmii blacksmiths, Pygmii whores, Pygmii restaurants and tailors. Others of the small folk excel in careers suitable to their size such as larceny or stealth.

  • Short: Half-folk average only about 4’ tall. Their small size subtracts 1 from their Toughness. Half-folk have a Size of –1, and cannot take the Small Hindrance.
  • Fleet footed: Despite their shorter legs, the Pygmii are nimble and agile beings. They start with a d8 Agility instead of a d4.
  • Can’t catch me: Unless they are the victim of a surprise attack and taken completely unaware, attackers must subtract 1 from their shooting or throwing rolls when targeting a Pygmii. Pygmies who attempt to evade area effect attacks may add +1 to their agility roll as well (when allowed).

Pygmii Characters.


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