The Mokole are descended from Hadrosaurs or ‘duck billed dinosaurs’ and are slender saurians with large hollow crests on their heads through which they can direct air to make a variety of sounds. From haunting and plaintive calls to assaults of sonic blasts, the sounds these saurians make are incredibly complex and versatile.

In fact it is the ability to produce sounds which has shaped the philosophies and culture of the Mokole and they remain reticent to use their physicality. As the old saying goes, a Mokole is often heard but rarely seen. This means you have to look for them if you want to deal with them, few are naturally adventurous of outgoing.

That is not to say that there are no Mokole adventurers seeking their fortunes in dungeons and on quests, only that such individuals are rare and unusual among their kind. Recent generations of Mokole have begun to make hesitant steps towards the magical colleges and there is a growing school of sound based magic which is popular both in The Perfumed Empire and the Cities of The Eastern Empire.

Mokole are often found as bards and entertainers in saurian society because of their skills with sound and voice. They are also quite well positioned as the major controlling breed for water traffic, dominating the trade routes and international travel. In The Eastern Empire the Mokole families make up the majority of the growing merchant class and could easily exert more power on the Empire if it was in their nature. Signs that some of the younger generation have been made aware of this by the Humans are beginning to emerge.

  • Natural Weapons: The Mokole can produce a sonic blast from their hollow cranial crests which allow them to stun others. At close range this sonic attack can cause Str+d4 damage.
  • Bellow: Mokole can bellow an ear-splitting, nerve-wracking War Cry that has been known to send lesser foes fleeing from the field. When used, the character may make an Intimidation roll against all targets in an area (as opposed to a single victim as usual). Place a Large Boom Template adjacent to theMokole (a 6” area of effect, with the edge adjacent to the Lothorhothon). Every creature within the circle must roll against the Mokole’s Intimidation total.
  • Saurian Senses: Saurians’ lizard tongues can “taste” the air, giving them +2 to Notice rolls. They are always considered active guards for Stealth checks.
  • Warm Natured: Though not truly coldblooded, saurians are not comfortable in cold environments. They suffer a –4 penalty to resist cold environmental effects.

Mokole Characters

Chalcedony of the Rhine


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