Cro-Magnon are anatomically similar to Humans, straight limbed and tall compared to the Neanderthals. Physically they only differ from Humans by being on average taller, having a more robust physique and a slightly larger cranial Capacity. The Cro-Magnons have long, fairly low skulls, with a wide face, a prominent nose and moderate to no prognathism giving them a similar appearance to Mongol groups. A very distinct trait is the rectangular orbits.

Nomadic and self reliant, Cro-Magnons remain only as a lingering remnant of humanities past. Though every bit as intelligent as the Pygmies, Neanderthal and homo sapiens who evolved from them, they have never built up a complicated society and at times seem to straddle the rift between man and animal. The Cro-Magnon people usually live in small bands of 20 or less that can hardly be called tribes, usually extended families or alliances of convenience. Outside of the cities Cro-Magnon exist as hunter gatherers or bandits, or as nomadic herders. Small raiding groups are common, surviving by preying on travellers on by attacking herders and small settlements.

That is not to say that Cro-Magnon have no culture, they have highly stylised traditions and culture based on their own tenacity and ferocity. At the heart of their traditions there is the belief that it is better to die than to show weakness, better to die trying than to retreat, better to die than to show fear. They decorate themselves with body paint, scarification and ferocious looking armourments and accessories, sporting trophies and markings that announce their skill.

Individual Cro-Magnon may be found in cities but there are, as yet, no known Cro-Magnon quarters or districts. Few own actual properties in cities and those do will rarely stay in them all year round. Those who join adventuring parties usually do so as the martial aspect of the group, although there are Cro-Magnon thieves, Beast handlers and Shaman. After a lifetime of dungeon crawling they are often found retiring to lead large families or caravans trading in the wilds.

  • Strong willed: Cro-Magnon can use their apparent fearlessness, steely glare and their appearance to unnerve their opponents. They gain +2 to intimidate and taunt rolls, as well as to Spirit and Smart rolls when resisting Tests of Will attacks.
  • Ugly: Cro-Magnon look like what they are, the ancestors of humanity. They lack something of their descendents appearance which causes them to subtract 2 from their Charisma.
  • Combat reflexes: Cro-Magnon are hardy and pragmatic, able to shake off damage and shock far quicker than other humans. They add +2 to their Spirit roll when attempting to recover from being shaken.

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