Savage Earth: Cold Moon

Session 1

The first game

Talon and Leif are approached seperatly by Tezlochus with a letter requesting they come to Aachen, and promising rewards both financial and personal. They both agreed and followed the saurian messengers to the Rhine valley and the city of Aachen. They were put up in a Tavern called the Rhine Maiden.

That night they were invited to the castle where they met the Mokole noblewoman Chalcedony of the Rhine. She informed them of her skills with Astrology and divination, claiming that she had sought them out from so far away because of clues to their suitability in the stars. They accepted a quest to travel to the Rhine Under dark and retrieve a piece of moon rock from the Darques of Zeamthuld.

The adventurers travelled by Mokole riverboat north and then across land to the Neanderthal city of Azuk-Thule where they hired a guide named Hnadd. From there they forged deeper underground towards the maze like fissures of the upper caves but were forced back by thick smoke. It became clear that a fire was raging in soem section of the underworld and that this route was untenable for the Deva or the Neanderthal.

Taking a longer alterantive route and ever conscious of time, they circumnavigated the under dark. Just beyond a cavern cut by a large river they were ambushed by Shogu, a Rakshan assasin. Though they defeated him and captured him alive they failed to get the name of his employer out of him and he chose a quick death.

After further exploration and an encounter with some Rheintöchter and a large River cat they came to the Darque outpost, usually manned by young draque males but eerily abandoneed. Begining to fear the worst, Hnadd led them on.

As they pushed further into Darque territory the signs of the smoke which had blocked their way earlier began to return but it was clear that the fires worst was past. They continued through the Mushroom forest, the harvesting yards and the Beast pens on the outskirts of Zeamthuld, all uncharicteristically unihabited, to the remains of the settlement itself.

The Darque city had been raized to the ground and the few survivours were desperatly trying to defeat a Gorgon tooth apparently left by the attackers. Despite the beasts enourmous size, the adventurers managed to distract it with magic and well aimed arrows until the Darque survivours had completed a pit trap and then they drove the beast into the trap (ably obfuscated by Leif’s magic).



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