What if the Meteorite of 65 million years ago never happened? Or if its impact was less catastrophic? This setting explores that possibility. It is a setting in which there are bipedal humanoid Dinosaurs who rule the great nations of the earth and where humans (including sub-humans) are the secondary citizens.

although it is a classic fantasy setting in many ways, there are no Dwarves or Orcs and the Elves and Hobbits are only slightly recognisable from the stock standard fantasy fodder. The nations and cities are, for the most part, the nations and cities of our world (why reinvent the wheel?) and large swathes of the savage earth is recognisable to those of us who live here on our Earth.

The first chronicle; ‘Cold Moon’ is a table top game in its early stages and the background will hopefully grow and evolve as that game is played out.

History of the Savage Earth





Savage Earth is a home brew fantasy setting using the savage Worlds system.

Savage Earth: Cold Moon

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